High Tension + Fourteen Nights At Sea + Lost Talk @ The Tote 07-07-18

High Tension + Fourteen Nights At Sea + Lost Talk @ The Tote 07-07-18

words & photos by @rcstills

High Tension_TheTote-9.jpg

High Tension rolled into their sold out hometown show at The Tote with all the force and gusto one would expect from the Melbourne metal four piece. Off of the back of their 'Purge' release, this would be the last show of the tour occupying a sold out Tote bandroom.

Lost Talk opening the night with their eclectic rhythm driven tunes, sitting nicely amidst the predominately metal audience. Notable tracks 'Shoe Shine' & 'Shears' standing out during the sharp and dynamic opening slot and faring well amongst the already jammed crowd. 

Lost Talk_TheTote-11.jpg

Fourteen Years At Sea bringing things down a notch before setting everything on fire again. The extreme quiet to monstrous roaring dynamics making up the groups sound, is tight, thought out and insanely visual. For anyone wanting a bit more aggression out of their 'Explosions In The Sky', do check this six piece out.

Fourteen Nights At Sea_TheTote-12.jpg

The sixth and final show of their 'Purge' Tour sees singer Karina Utomo address the audience of the recent loss and absence of a fan of the band, with her emotional acknowledgment preceding what will be an all out onslaught of heavy metal ethos. Opening with the first track off the new record, 'Red Wine Shame' sees the bands dynamics shine. Hitting mercilessly with the full force of their back catalogue and new favourites. Karina sparing no time, frequently jumping into the packed crowd to sing(read scream) a few numbers. As a whole, the band remain tight and to the point with their sound constantly in check, stopping briefly to request less smoke from the light crew before ending with the last track from the new album 'Rise'.

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