Trophy Eyes + Dear Seattle + Maddy Jane + Stumps @ The Forum 20-10-18

words & photos: Rick Clifford @rcstills

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“..the fact the band themselves are playing the last show of the tour, it was kind of a ‘no one holds back type vibe.’”

The STUMPS lads out of Sydney had the hard task of kicking off proceedings for the night. If there was any wandering doubt they weren't up to said task, thirty seconds in, you would be convinced otherwise. Though not particularly in the genre family of our headliners, their tight, punchy and passionate delivery of 80's enthused nostalgia won over the majority of punters that were present for the early opening set. The energy STUMPS threw into there short but sweet opening slot was enough to sway the slowly filing in audience.

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Maddy Jane, again pushing the genre spectrum of the night, this time in a more soulful and blues like direction. Her stage presence solidifying her genuineness to the cause. Rarely taking moments to breathe MJ wastes no time smashing out songs into her minimal allocated time slot. Fresh off the success of her tours supporting Harry Styles and Tash Sultana as well as recently release single "Thank You and Sorry", MJ’s performance is a force to behold and damn good song writer too! #recommend

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Third and final support comes from North Sydney's Dear Seattle. The four piece, clearly reeling from recent successes and Triple J rotations, as choruses and verses are sung back at them without instigation. In the lead up to what has been a stellar year for DS, 2017 and the bulk of 2018 has seen them go from strength to strength, each single being picked up and held tight by the vast majority. Gauging by reactions alone, anyone would think that this was a double headliner bill, maybe it was..?

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By the time Trophy Eyes descends on the sold out crowd(1030 on a Saturday night), spirits and blood alcohol levels are high. Given the emotive nature of Trophy Eyes sound its no wonder the sing alongs are a little more inspired, the mosh is a little more intense and the hurling of plastic cups is a little more full of liquids. Adding to the fact the band themselves are playing the last show of the tour, it was kind of a no one holds back type vibe.

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An almost holy experience transcends during songs "Daydreamer" and "Friday Forever" before 2016's "Suicide Pact" brings it all back to the chaos. Closing the night out with "You Can Count On Me" with its extra stadium like chorus, rains down a culmination of the entire nights catalogue into one neat sing-a-long before the lights come up and reality once again is waiting to greet us at the front door. Don’t you wish it was Trophy Eyes forever?

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