Donny Benet + Zoe Fox & The Rocket Clocks + I Know The Chief @ Corner Hotel 20-10-18

words: Jess Sommerfeld // photos: Sarah Rix (@sarahrix)



“..The red velvet curtain recedes - Donny Benet appears, as you would expect, dripping in absolute sophistication.”

With a debut performance at the iconic venue, this 3 piece ticked the Corner Hotel off their bucket list last Friday night as they opened for Donny Benet - I Know The Chief providing the nearly packed out space with high energy, dance numbers. Covering favourites and introducing the audience to older, nearly released and everything in between tracks, this bands front man, put on a show (owning the space on stage as if he had played multiple times previously) for those arriving early enough to catch the opening act.


Zoe Fox and the Rocket Clocks were on next, taking the now almost at capacity Corner Hotel band room on a delectable journey through time and space with jangly, funk infused guitars, meshed with disco pop and thematic beats that set the most luscious scene for the sold out DB show. Dressed in intergalactic-esc, silver suits, each band member in total unison with front babe, Zoe Fox - who was sporting a divine metallic silver, space get up accompanied with silver glittered, knee high boots. This band exuded the essence of and could easily define what exactly Space Rock is with their hypnotic and otherworldly sounds. Zoe Fox and the Rocket Clocks certainly left me super intrigued to listen to so many more of their tunes and to recommend them as if my life depended on it! Extreme, correct - but, this band has the power to take you on a journey, far-far away. An absolute must listen/catch their shows!


The red velvet curtain recedes -  Donny Benet  appears, as you would expect, dripping in absolute sophistication - he is ready to create a night to remember. Working out is the opening track and there is a certain vibe present that suggests that all your worries are considered insignificant, now that the Don has arrived. All the funk and disco beats encompass the space and the crowd gets so down to Donny's pure love and adoration for being the centre of attention on stage.


Weaving in and out of classic DB hits, there is consistency in atmosphere, with a steady feeling of Saturday Night Fever/boogie wonderland etc. Introducing Konichiwa with a line as great as "Getting married, having a child or writing as song as good as this" Donny's banter game was exceptional and added to the culmination of all things that a live show should entail. Mr Benet has this way of re-creating 80's post-disco much like the way that other current musicians have attempted to do, although the difference is, he owns it. DB is above and beyond in his style and musical capabilities and some how meshes pure grease and sophistication so well.