On The Road with: Bad Pony - Deficiency EP Tour

On The Road with: Bad Pony - Deficiency EP Tour

words & photos by @rcstills

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Sydney staples, Bad Pony are in the thick of recording their first LP, so we thought we'd take a look back at the most recent east coast tour for a bit of nostalgic foon!


When talking all things tour, its always interesting getting an insight to the thoughts and feels of those directly involved, singer/ owner of the floor tom and snare section of the band - Jarred Young’s thoughts and feels on touring in general - “Touring is the most draining, rewarding and strange experience I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. It turns you into maybe the most honest version of yourself…”


You go through extreme lows and major highs surrounded by the people you are closest to. And whether you love them or not, you HAVE to be close with them. They sing the lyrics you wrote - your inner most thoughts night after night. They share tiny spaces with you - vans, beds, planes. We have early mornings and late nights together. We exist in each other’s pockets together through depressed and grumpy hungover mornings and through absolute belter gig highs and stupidly drunken nights. We push each other’s buttons. We comfort each other. We look out for each other. We argue and make up. We make up and argue. I always come off tour exhausted with an empty bank account and I think “how can I keep doing this?”. A week later after the post-tour blues settle I think “this life is boring”. It’s discombobulating, addictive, exhausting and completely exhilarating.”


The five piece's emotive and energetic show is essential live music dazzlement, with the majority of the drum kit spread amongst three band members, whom all occupy other instruments simultaneously. The bands lack of standard backlines, however, makes for opportune intricacies otherwise overlooked by your standard set up this coupled with genuine certified bangers.. a whole set of them! Makes Bad Pony’s live set engaging and diverse as it gets!  

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The Wharves lads hailing from Lennox Heads, tagged along, four of the six dates. With every show also bringing an eclectic and engaging performance, from all the 80's throwback ethos you pride yourself dancing along to.

Enjoyin a lil sponsor time from the Young Henry's fam

Enjoyin a lil sponsor time from the Young Henry's fam

Starting with Yah Yah's in Melbourne - singer Jarred Young's new adopted hometown - opened with supports by Wharves(the main support on the tour) and Sophisticated Dingo. Then hitting Hobart's Republic Bar the following night with Surreal Estate Agents and Seth.

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The following weekend made our way to the hometown show in Sydney at the Bank Hotel, the boys blasting it to a sold out room, followed up by Newcastle and Wollongong. Amazing supports by STUMPS, St. Joan, Benefits and Arcades & Lions.

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The tour wrapping up with Byron Bay Brewery then Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane with Yellow Cat, Red Cat in on the opening slots.

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Upcoming dates

Friday 9th November - Melbourne - Cherry Bar - Tickets

Thursday 22nd November - Sydney - The Lansdowne Hotel - Tickets