Amyl & The Sniffers + Deafwish + Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers @ Night Cat 12-07-18
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'Amyl & The Sniffers, like their namesake, were loose.'

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Opening with their 2017 track Tombstone Canyon begins an absolute ripper of a set, a shame to be playing it to the slowly dwindling in crowd. All not being lost as their ability to maintain the mystic and dreamy tightness from start to finish grabs the ear of each patron walking through to the bar(well, thats what I felt was happening). Solid style "Thee Oh Sees" jams meshing with a Growlers and Allah Las style swagger sets the tone for one fucking stellar night of local music.

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The Subpop signed Deafwish collective, evolved onto the stage in a shrew blue light and darkness. The hefty repetitive guitar tones coupled with the solid backbone of drummer Daniel Twome lends their sound to an old school QOTSA meeting with the off-tuned jangle of The Pixies and a smidgen of Ramones style destain. Very much dig this sound and live show. 

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Amyl & The Sniffers, like their namesake, were loose. From song one, Amy and her Sniffers stormed the stage like a mullet filled whirlwind. Smacking the expecting hometown punters with the serving of absolute bogan bangers. Wasting no time to acquaint herself with the sold out audience, Amy jumps into the sea of facades and hands before returning briefly to the stage in the round to stretch out, jump, dance and gyrate. Making use of every inch of floor space available. At times the looseness takes over the songs, but this is to be expected when necking a bottle of Jamerson inbetween swigs of beers, we're all human after all.