DZ Deathrays - 170 Russell - 18-05-18
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"..from party band to sell out tours across Australia and overseas."

The DZ boys put on a killer show at 170 Russell. Playing the first of two sold out shows had them coming in on a high.

The lads allowed our cameras in to take a few behind the scenes insights into how they put a show together. The fiercely independent duo tackle the majority of the bands requirements, from organising merch, tour schedules, even putting up their own stage props. Overseeing the majority of elements allows the boys creative freedoms otherwise imposed from powers that be.

The Boat Show troupe had the honours of commencing the packed nights proceedings. Singer Ali Flintoff's ability to constantly run from stage left to stage right is mesmerising and commendable at the same time. The band is tight and to the point, wasting no time in getting the crowd amped and ready for the packed lineup. 

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Newcastle punks and part time reality/ mockumentary internet stars, These New South Wales also continuing the theme of ampage, perhaps a little more forceful in delivery. All webshows aside, these guys are genuine punk song writers and performers. Rarely ever flailing from the ethos of 80's punk hysterics they maintain the place on stage with sever presence and aggression.

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Clowns are an onslaught. Owning the time well and relentlessly throwing the cautions to the fucking wind. Stevie Williams crowd enthusiast, insists on both performing and being an audience member, frequenting the mosh to insight circle pits and the like, whilst the band on cue, dons the bell of chaos ala the riffs.

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Clearly chuffed that the first of two sold out shows is hyped by the preceeding bands. DZ hit the stage and break out into banger after banger with Shane at the forefront screams on cue. Hectic vibes reigning supreme. Mixing in a variety of the old hits and new release bangers from their latest release 'Bloody Lovely'.

By the time encore comes, the crowd clearly swayed by inebriates, don't realise the time and quantity of songs passed. Spurring with the remaining energies, DZ slam through three more songs before feeding their instruments to the speakers, literally. Bloody Lovely.