Regurgitator + Glitoris + Stress Of Leisure @ 170 Russell 10-08-18
words: Jess Sommerfeld // photos: @rcstills


'...Regurgitator's stage presence is as enthusiastic and as full of energy as ever.'

Hailing from Brisbane, Stress of Leisure bought a total, apocalyptic, synth/rock dream-state to 170 Russell.

Popped into the opening slot for Melbourne leg of the tour, Stress of Leisure successfully accomplished their rightful task of getting that audience to the rarin' to go point with their steady flow of driving synth and drum melodies.

All band members dressed impeccably in Andy Warhol Soup Can attire and red neck scarves, this 3 piece were both visual and audible magic. The final song of their set was an ode to pulled pork, need I say more?


Glitoris, venturing from the one, the only political capital of Aus (ACT) combined a next level punk rock stage presence with provocative and politically driven lyrics squashed all together with heavy guitars, drums, soaring vocals and badass babe style. 

Looking back at the notes I made while watching these women kill it on stage, the best way for me to describe Glitoris - "Punk babes with heavy guitars, killer vocals and the most captivating stage presence I have seen in agessssss!"

Slut Power was Glitotis's last song - a crowd favourite and an absolute anthem for our current social and political sphere. If Glitoris haven't graced your ear holes as yet - get to it, make it happen.


Nearly 25 years since Regurgitator's mix of rap/rock made it's way onto the Australian music scene, the 'Gurge took to the national stage once again to propel the crowd headfirst down the road of nostalgia. 

Appearing on stage resplendent in paper mache monster heads, Regurgitator kicked off their first Melbourne show with a track from their latest album headroxx. For a 90's band to remerge with new material after 5 years of absence, the new tracks were well received, however, it was clear that the classics still resinated true and hard with the seasoned fans. 

The LSD influenced back drop of colours and psychedelics, pushing the art theme from the current release and acts as its own visual accomplice.


Regurgitator's stage presence is as enthusiastic and as full of energy as ever, an energy that has never left the forefront of the bands style. Complimenting the bands eagerness, the crowd was still as hungry for that get down party vibe that the Gurge' bring's so well. While meshing in and out of the new tracks, the classics emerged and held significant weight and as always, the contrast between the polished and heavily produced tracks off their albums vs live renditions showcasing the core of their sound holding its own ground. The final track and likely the bands biggest hit and Prince Tribute, - !(The Song Formerly Known as) left the crowd dancing up a nostalgia driven storm, taking the crowd back to 1999.