The Adults + Raiza Biza + Stoka @ Northcote Social Club 09-09-18

words: Georgia Sommerfeld // photos: Jess Sommerfeld



“…was completely radiant, filled with positive energy and community as the crowd danced together weaving in and out of heavy, thematic beats.”

Warmly welcomed on a Sunday night the multi instrumental New Zealand group The Adults took the Northcote Social Club band stage sharing their sophomore album release ‘HAJA’. This record gained inspiration from traditional Sudanese musical called aghani-al-banat which was performed at founder Jon Toogood's own wedding in 2014. Some might recognise Jon Toogood from his long history in the music scene as member of 90’s rock band, Shihad


Opening the night, Melbourne based Stoka presented an indie - psych, surf rock warmth building an atmosphere for the night ahead. Emerging under cool tone purple lighting the atmosphere in the room quickly turned from a Sunday night in Melbourne to a far more coastal destination.  Stoka’s vibe and sound presented a hybrid combination of Australian favourites Sticky Fingers meets Ocean Ally,  Stoka’s set was smooth and seamless blend of new and old tracks. These boys definitely have a way of winning over the crowd with their humble chatter between songs.

Raiza Biza_NSC-4.jpg

Raiza Biza took the stage next, with a high energy set, the packed crowd in front of him became instantly hypnotised. Walking on stage with bright red pops of colour creating a engaging colour contrast against the blue lighting his smooth contemplative storytelling blends harmonised with the essence of jazz and soul beats. Biza, shared a new track titled ‘Strong Woman’, loaded with passion and love,  this track was a clear favourite amongst the crowd - playing tribute to all the strong women Biza is surrounded with from all stages of life, a true celebration of the strong women everywhere.


After much anticipation New Zealand powerhouse The Adults took the stage, opening with Boomtown, the first track of their new album - a strong energy, soon embodied the room with the crowd sharing the same infectious smile and dance moves as the band members. Raiza Biza graced the stage once more, sharing the space to feature on the opening two songs. The female vocalists were the driving force behind the luminous good times, Estere captivated the audience with her angelically powerful voice. A show in herself as she showed-off  her incredible instrumental vocabulary with the use of roto toms, percussion, vocals and synth - Estere held the memorised audience in her palm.


Moving through the setlist there was a recurring theme of positivity and self growth presented through a seamless transition between both albums.  A crowd favourite was the album titled track of HAJA. This immersive atmospheric song radiated through the venue, being introduced by Jon Toogood as - ‘this is the kind of music you would take ecstasy and party in a boiler room at a Big Day Out festival’. The song definitely did not disappoint.


The Adults undoubtedly proved themselves as a New Zealand supergroup with each member adding their own range of talents.  With the crowd loving every minute being caught up in the infectious beats. Overall, the gig was completely radiant, filled with positive energy and community as the crowd danced together weaving in and out of heavy, thematic beats.  I am sure, I am not the only person looking forward to what is next for The Adults.