words // photos: Sarah Rix (@sarahrix)


'... she’s bound to break it big – but along the way, she’s learning how to play to her audience, write big hooks, and deliver them from the spotlight.'

It’s an exciting time to have eyes on Eves Karydas. The Brisbane-originated, now London-based artist has undergone a rebrand over the last little bit, switching her performing identity from Eves The Behavior to Eves Karydas – her given last name.

With the moniker change, it feels like there’s more riding on Karydas’ ambitions for success. It’s personal now, and not something she’s taking lightly. It was also why it was evident that Karydas came out to put on a show.

Eves Karydas - Melbourne

While she may come off like the approachable girl next door (even hanging around after her set, meeting fans by the merch table,) it’s also understandably calculated. If her Saturday night performance at the sold out Northcote Social Club was any indication of the things to come, she’s bound to break it big – but along the way, she’s learning how to play to her audience, write big hooks, and deliver them from the spotlight.

Eves Karydas - Melbourne

Opening the night was sleepclub, a newly minted four-piece thanks to the wise addition of their new bassist. The Brisbane outfit proved rich in delicate guitar notes and vocal harmonies, but they’re also a band that both look and sound like they’re writing for a Stanley Kubrick horror film or a scene where Buffy’s at The Bronze, kicking some vampire butt. Equal parts dizzying, terrifying, and nostalgic; all in a good way.

Sleepclub told the audience they were nervous for their Melbourne debut – and faced a couple of technical issues over the course of their set, too – but if they hadn’t of said anything, you never would have been able to tell. Their forthcoming single packed serious instrumental heft thanks to its bass and drums coming together in blissful synchronicity with their guitar lines and vocal delivery. It could be one of the best songs of the year, truth be told, so keep an ear out for it when it gets a proper release in the next little bit. It deserves any and all attention it will get; immediately transfixing, even on first listen.

sleepclub - Melbourne

The twisting, moody songs of sleepclub gave way to the pop blasts of Karydas’ new songs such as “Balance” and the yearning “Couch”, as well as older crowd pleasers like “There For You”, “Electrical”, and “TV”. It was a full on dance party with all eyes on the rising pop star.

“Damn Loyal” proved another verifiable hit for Karydas and, teasing the audience with news that her debut album would be out soon, you have to believe you’ll be hearing it blasting from trendy clothing stores and across festival grounds in the months to come.

A cover of Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” was a natural fit, too. She may not be at Kylie level just yet but give her a few years – it almost seems inevitable.