Boney M + Winter Moon @ The Palms 08-10-18

words by Jess Sommerfeld // photos by Rick Clifford (@rcstills)

Boney M_Palms-18.jpg


“A night full of total disco glitz and glam.”

The expectation for this opening act would be a whole lot of funk and groovy fun before, the one, the only “Daddy Cool” gets on stage. Winter Moon were exactly this combination plus more. Delivering Boney M fans a platter of energetic, dancey treats. The collective played a solid thirty minutes of 70’s infused dream rock under a blue hue of mood inducing lights. Winter Moon's lead singer seriously channelling Stevie Nicks with a tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s 1975 banger ‘Rhiannon’ and with soaring vocals that complimented the soulful instrumentals - this opening act had it all and set the scene for what was to come.

Winter Moon_Palms-5.jpg

The stage is set with the instruments towered behind the vocalists. The three magnificent ladies inclusive of remaining original member Maizie Williams, owning the spotlight for this current instalment of the Boney M franchise.

Boney M_Palms-15.jpg

A seated venue for Boney M does seem a little odd, and opening with ‘Sunny’ you’d only expect every person in the room to whip out some disco moves. Sadly, this didn’t happen, although chair dancing was definitely prominent. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was warming up before moving onto ’Daddy Cool’.

Boney M_Palms-29.jpg

The night moves forward and the crowd becomes tired of sitting, everyone jumps out of their seat to dance away to Hooray! Hooray! taking us all on a little Monday night Holiday. Later on in the night, we see tribute to Bob Marley with ‘No Woman, No Cry’ before closing out the night with ‘Rivers of Babylon’

Boney M_Palms-15.jpg

Seeing Boney M on a Monday night, at the Crown Casino was certainly strange yet that is what made it so amazing. A night full of total disco glitz and glam.