A.Swayze & The Ghosts + Vintage Crop + Gutter Girls + Terrible Signal @ The Tote 27-10-18

words & photos: Rick Clifford @rcstills

a.swayze_The Tote-43.jpg


A. Swazye & The Ghosts headlined Old Bar’s main band room over the weekend as part of their ‘Suddenly’ single tour. We were there to capture the intensity/ riot of a band that is sure to bring about a shite tonne of attention to the Australian punk/ garage realms over the coming years with an absolutely balls to the wall live show, not to be slept on. Local supports by Vintage Crop, Gutter Girls and Terrible Signal all went down a treat! Get amongst these live acts, if you don’t mind being covered in beer and human bodies. A++!

Terrible Signal_The Tote-2.jpg
Terrible Signal_The Tote-8.jpg
Gutter Girls_The Tote-9.jpg
Gutter Girls_The Tote-7.jpg
Vintage Crop_The Tote-14.jpg
Vintage Crop_The Tote-8.jpg
Vintage Crop_The Tote-2.jpg
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