Top 10 Aussie acts to catch at Falls Festival 2018/19

As the annual pilgrimage to your respective Falls Festival locations commences, manoeuvring your way through the packed lineup may seem a bit daunting. Ditch is here to help you lock in some ‘must-see-earlier-in-the-day’ national talents to your schedule.


Cover photo: Jay Wennington // words: Rick Clifford @rcstills

Full line-up for your festival location of choice head here

Amyl & The Sniffers

Amyl & The Sniffers - Photo credit_ Jamie Wdziekonski.jpg

Making a name for themselves across national and international borders, as a high energy no proverbial holes barred Australiana rock act, Amyl and The Sniffers should be on everyones “must see” list. Often in and/or on top of the crowd getting amongst it, the band are guaranteed to hype your shit up, any level of inebriation considered.


Briggs copy.jpg

The exigent artist from the collective AB-Original - Briggs, has been turning many a head in recent times. Slinging some serious spit on a number of pressing issues with ease. He’d words whilst entertaining hold a large amount of important context. Do yourself a favour and learn a few things from someone in the know.

Cub Sport

Cub Sport Galore copy.jpeg

Local Brisbane based collective Cub Sport have been around the traps for quite sometime. Developing and moulding a niche sound(and a couple name changes along the way) that is fast becoming a solid in the Australian festival scene. If you’re vibing a slower paced chill out at any point, collect yourself and head along to this set.


DMA'S Press Shot April 2018 copy.jpg

Of course, if its summer festival season in oz, DMAs need to be amongst it somewhere. Their sound is almost a staple to the festival vibe. If you haven’t yet, you must during your Falls visit. No regrets.

Kota Banks

Kota Banks_2018_July_cred_TiffWilliams copy.jpg

What is a new years festival without the dancey pop numbers? I don’t know, I’ve never seen one. Taking up the Aussie portion of this slot will be Kota Banks. Catering to this with recent hits ‘Child’ and ‘I’m It’ KB will no doubt make the duties of hyping up the crowds easy work with these and many others from her recent body of work.

Ocean Alley

Ocean Alley 2018 Press Shot (Primary)  copy.jpg

For some dancey mellow times Ocean Alley are one not to miss. The reggae stylings from these lads are sure to loosen even the most folded of arms into a slow skank.

Tired Lion

PRESS PHOTO - Tired Lion - Aug2017 - CREDIT Matsu copy.jpg

Keeping the essential grunge element well and truly alive, Tired Lion will be charging through all dates during Falls. Amping up crowds during the mid afternoon slot, which will no doubt be hot as the surface of the sun itself or typically rainy as most summer afternoons get. If you haven’t caught the four piece yet, you must. And stay hydrated, for f**ksake!

West Therbaton

West Thebarton Promo Pic 2 copy.jpg

Hailing from Adelaide and in recent times Australia in general aka constant touring. West Therbaton’s live set is jam packed full of happy jumpin’ rock numbers. Great from amping you out of your hung over state. Trying to not get in the groove is harder than not not getting in the groove. Get me?


Hatchie - Sugar & Spice - Press Photo copy.jpg

Hatchie’s brand of mellow rock vibes is prime for either easing your way into the next festival day, through shuffles and head bops or chilling your ass on the surrounding grass. Both options are staples for any multi-day festival times thus making Hatchie a prime choice to kick your day into gear. Get amongst it!

Eves Karydas


2018 has been a banger of a year for Eves Karydas with plenty of rotations on the J’s as well as a heap of notable tour support slots amongst her own headliner shows. Be sure to swing by early and catch Eves’ set before things get too hectic!

Each Falls locations playing times can be found below.

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