Interview: Marlon Williams

Ahead of his performance at 'Lost Picnic' 2018, we caught up with Marlon Williams to discuss all things festivals and writing processeseses.

Interview by: Sarah Rix // Photos by: Ian Laidlaw



"..I walked onto a dead silent stage in a theatre and just started whistling my own song as I tuned my guitar. What an asshole."

Marlon Williams took the time ahead of his appearance at this years Lost Picnic to have a chat about all things, writing & festivals. Getting right into it, check out Sarah's interview with Marlon below.


You’re playing the 2018 edition of Lost Picnic. What makes for an excellent festival experience?

Great site layout, not too many people, punters who aren’t assholes, bands who aren’t assholes and a shit hot bill.


How conscious are you of writing for audiences - whether it’s for your own headlining shows or at festivals like Lost Picnic - when you’re writing material for your albums?

On this last album I wasn’t conscious of an audience until well into the process but previously that voice had been much louder throughout. Songs don’t happen in a vacuum, you can’t help but write to an audience in some way but if you can do it unconsciously I think it’s for the better.

You’re off the back off multiple sold out shows at Melbourne’s The Forum. What was that experience like?

Great, obviously. That’s one of my favourite venues in the world so to be able to play two night there was surreally wonderful.


What were some of the changes in the way you approached the writing and production of ‘Make Way For Love’ vs. your 2015 self-titled?

Production wise, I was working with a completely new producer in a completely new place so that was a real learning curve for me. I think having Noah Georgeson at the helm whom I didn’t know beforehand was great given the personal nature of the songs. He definitely helped me universalise the themes.

How often do you get your own songs stuck in your head?

Funny you ask. I was playing a show in France a couple weeks ago and felt really run down so took some codeine/caffeine pills to get through the show and they completely spun me out. I walked onto a dead silent stage in a theatre and just started whistling my own song as I tuned my guitar. What an asshole.

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Lost Picnic 2018 Lineup

Tash Sultana
Marlon Williams
Sons of the East
Hot Potato Band

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