On Diamond + Living Currency + Bastard Amber @ Old Bar 01-08-18
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'...like a malaise at times, only to bring you back to the quiet and emotively tranquil'

The eclectics that Bastard Amber bring to the opening set at Old Bar are deserving of more eyes and ears buuuut somehow really suit the aesthetic of a sparsely filled room on a Thursday night, like a scene from a David Lynch-esc dream. The multi-genre jumping styles are captivating and heavy on the tight, punchy grooves that make up the skeleton of each song. Singer Hannah Macklin lets her unique and delicate tones sit as a sideline to the accompanying music, whilst tampered, overbearing guitar leads smack around a kind of dissonance, keeping each piece just that little bit uncomfortable, but not enough to be offensive. A rarely achieved medium to create. 

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Living Currency was loud, obnoxious & chaotic to the ear drums... I think that was the point. 

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Slowly members of On Diamond appear on stage, as to their sound. Drenched in a blue light, setting the sombre undertones that is the collectives sound. The delicate and careful vocals of Lisa Salvo dance around the exaggerated and hectic guitar experimentations of Scott McConnachie like a malaise at times, only to bring you back to the quiet and emotively tranquil. This tranquility only further driven by the harmonies of Lisa & Hannah, which sync in and out of time, creating a momentary temporal unease as to the evolution of each song. 

The mix of scattered and violent tones that make up On Diamond's sound is exact and to the point. Whilst some exaggerated sonics and jams might be considered indulgent, its always acting as a segue, of sorts, to the proceeding. Creating a structure that is unique as much as its in your face.

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